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AgendaFree makes it possible for any local government to have free access to paperless agendas. Tight budgets and a lack of staffing have made it difficult for many local governments to transition to a digital, more efficient way of managing agendas. But with AgendaFree the barriers have been removed! Simply signup, and in minutes you’ll have access to your own AgendaFree site where you can build and publish paperless packets.


Contains a self-guided setup and training videos that take minutes to complete.


Get your agenda to everyone that needs it and make last minute changes with a single click.


Connect your community to the latest meeting information right on your website.

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Ditch massive paper agendas and receive last minute updates automatically without losing notes.

Paperless Agenda Annotation on Any Device

Utilized by Local Governments Coast-to-Coast

City of Mclendon-Chisholm, TX
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“I would recommend AgendaFree to any small or large city. iCompass has hit a home-run with this program.”

— Deborah Sorensen, City Secretary
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City of St. Francis, WI
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“The whole process of compiling a packet in AgendaFree takes me 10 minutes when it used to take me 6 hours.”

— Anne Uecker, City Clerk/Treasurer
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City of Paducah, KY
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“The administrative time spent preparing documents has been significantly reduced, in addition, calls for clarification and assistance have declined since we started using AgendaFree."

— Lindsay Parish, Assistant City Clerk
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Webinar Recording: Eliminate the Barriers to a More Efficient Legislative Process

Paperkess Agendas: Eliminate the Barriers to a More Efficient Legislative Process

St. Francis City Clerk/Treasurer and IIMC Region VI Director Anne Uecker shares how the City has overcome some of the most challenging barriers that small/mid sized local governments face when going paperless. In particular, Anne talks about how the first free agenda management tool for local governments, AgendaFree, has played a huge role in this transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it? AgendaFree is a free web-based paperless agenda management tool for local governments. It takes an agenda created in Microsoft Word and allows you to add reports, correspondence, ordinances, and any other information and attach it, creating a cohesive, digital packet. The system also takes care of publishing the packet into a flexible digital format that can be reviewed and annotated using any device. Paper copies can also be printed from the system if needed.

Will it always be free? Yes! That’s why it’s called AgendaFree! We have a number of premium products that provide additional functionality and come with a 6 month money back guarantee. But if AgendaFree does the job for you, then great! It’s not going anywhere. Our goal is to remove the barriers that have prevented local governments from going paperless in the past.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one! All you need to do is signup, confirm you’re a member of a local government and get started. The only limitation is that you have access to 3 live agenda packets at a time using the system. The others will be stored away and saved, so the data isn’t lost, but you won’t be able to access them. You can control which agendas you have access to at a given time, so you never truly lose them.

Is it reliable? AgendaFree is hosted on iCompass’ servers currently providing a 99.9% uptime for over 400 local governments across the US and Canada. There are free regularly scheduled software updates to AgendaFree. To guarantee a fast, enjoyable experience we recommend using AgendaFree with a high speed internet connection and your web browser of choice updated to the latest version.

How do council members and staff review agenda packets? There are 3 ways to review an agenda packet using AgendaFree. Council Members and staff can download the AgendaNotes iPad App for free. Or they can view and edit it on any PC, or other device with a browser. They can also print it easily from there. There are video instructions on how to do all of this once you sign up!

How do I get training and help? In AgendaFree Beta, we will provide assistance via our customer service team. AgendaFree has been designed so that any questions can be answered using the Help feature. The training is all laid out in an easy to follow video series that you can find inside AgendaFree.

What if we want something more feature rich? AgendaFree is a great first step towards digital agenda management. But if you want enhanced transparency capabilities, greater efficiency and integrated records management workflows, just to name a few - we recommend looking at Meeting Manager Pro.

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