iCompass Success Story

Township of Alnwick-Haldimand

Quick Facts

Organization: Township of Alnwick-Haldimand, Ontario
iCompass Customer Since: 2007
Population: 6,600

Products: Meeting Management Solution, Records Management Solution, Content Management Solution, CivicWeb Portal, Action Tracking, FilePro
Background: Clerk Robin Van De Moosdyk has led projects with a number of iCompass products.  She has been a Clerk with the organization for 10 years and has 26 years local government experience.  

Big wins

  • An annual savings of about $45,000 in paper and copying costs
  • A 50% reduction in the time it takes to compile, distribute and publish an agenda
  • End to end management of Alnwick-Haldimand's agenda, minutes and records from one software solution
  • Agendas for multiple meeting types managed 6 months in advance 

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