iCompass Success Story

Town of Whitby, Ontario

Quick Facts

Community: Whitby, Ontario
iCompass Customer Since: 2011
Products: Meeting Management Solution, FilePro, Action Tracking, CivicWeb Portal
Credentials: Town Clerk Debi Wilcox is Region X Director for the IIMC

Big wins

  • Estimated savings of $470,000 over 5 years in staffing and paper expenses
  • A reduction in paper agendas from 57 to 2 per a meeting
  • A savings of 10 hours per a month in agenda preparation
  • Improved transparency with the launch of the CivicWeb Portal

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"I used to spend 3 hours every Friday night proofing a paper agenda, I spend probably maximum 15 minutes reviewing an online agenda and pressing an approval button."

- Debi Wilcox -Town Clerk, Town of Whitby

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