Webinar: How to Effectively Regulate Airbnb-style Short-Term Rentals

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Local Government Strategies to Turn This Fast Growing Industry Into a Regulated Revenue Stream

Watch this on-demand webinar to gain an understanding of how rapid growth in short-term rental units is impacting quality of life, housing affordability, and community safety.

In this session you will learn about:

  • The scale, scope and growth of the short-term rental industry

  • The common pitfalls that local governments face when trying to regulate short-term rentals and the best ways to overcome compliance and enforcement challenges

  • Knowledge on how local policies can significantly reduce the negative side-effects associated with short-term rentals

  • Strategies for incorporating local housing and community development objectives into short-term rental regulations

  • Cost-effective answers to the questions around monitoring and compliance of short-term rental regulations

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Webinar Hosts

Jeffrey Goodman is an urban planner and considered one of the nation's leading authorities on short-term rentals and how they impact communities. He has previously contracted with both the city of New Orleans and Airbnb, and advised researchers on short-term rentals in range of cities including San Francisco, Portland, New Orleans, and New York. Jeff has spoken about short-term rentals all across the country including at the APA's National Planning Conference. He graduated from Yale College and earned his Masters of Urban Planning from Harvard University.

Ulrik Binzer is the Founder and CEO of Host Compliance LLC, the industry leader in short-term rental monitoring and compliance solutions for local governments.  A pioneer in the short-term rental enforcement solution space, Ulrik developed the first short-term rental compliance monitoring tools and now uses his expertise and insights to help local governments across North America implement, monitor and enforce short-term rental regulation. Ulrik previously served in a variety of leadership roles in management consulting, private equity, startups and the military and developed his distinctive strategic and analytical skill-set at McKinsey & Company and Harvard Business School.