iCompass Success Story

City of Issaquah, Washington

Quick Facts

Community: Issaquah, Washington
iCompass Customer Since: 2008
Products: Meeting Management Solution, Action Tracking, FilePro
Credentials: Member of Customer Advisory Board & Presenter at 2013 iCompass Washington Clerk's Workshop

Big wins

  • A reduction in agenda prep time from 3 days to 1 1/2 days
  • An approximate annual savings of $12,000 in printing costs
  • A 75% reduction in paper usage for meetings
  • Online resource for records requests
  • Time savings have resulted in a renewed focus on meeting content, leadership and management

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"iCompass is knowledgeable, they understand local government, they know what we do, they feel our same pains, and they make The City of Issaquah more successful."

- Tina Eggers - City Clerk, City of Issaquah

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