Sherry Mashburn

City Secretary

College Station, Texas

Webinar Recording: Strategies to Better Demonstrate Your Value as a Clerk 


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Clerks are Invaluable! Now Let's Make Sure The Rest of The World Knows Too!

When someone asks what you do for a living, you proudly respond, "I am a Municipal Clerk!"

But does that individual truly know what a Clerk does for their municipality. Whether it's a member of the public or a staff member, the role of the Clerk is often misunderstood.  

In this webinar, we take this challenge head on and discuss strategies for Clerks to better demonstrate their value to the community and fellow staff. 

Two experienced Clerks led this session: 

Sherry Mashburn, TRMC, MMC
City Secretary - College Station, TX

Sherry is a 4th generation public servant and has held various roles at the IIMC, and the Texas Municipal Clerks Association (TMCA).  She is currently completing her final days as President of the TMCA.

Joann Tilton, MMC
City Clerk - Manteca, CA

Joann has been an active member in the IIMC and the City Clerks Association of California (CCAC) for over 30 years. She's held roles as the IIMC Region IX Director and is a past-president of the CCAC.  

During this webinar Sherry and Joann will discuss strategies to:

  • Brand yourself as a leader and communicate that to others
  • Develop your 'elevator speech' when people ask "What does a Municipal Clerk do?"
  • Balance wearing multiple hats at your organization and demonstrating your value
  • Present yourself as a professional and command respect as a critical team member of the municipality 



City Clerk

Manteca, California