Doug Barrick

Town Manager

Rutherfordton, North Carolina

Webinar Recording: Develop a Technology-Driven Approach to Transparency and Citizen Engagement


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Clear strategies and goals for any sized municipality to follow

It's no secret that in 2016 the public expects to find information from their local government online and in an easy to consume format.  But for many small/mid-sized local governments that transition is easier said than done.

For tens and even hundreds of years in some cases, local governments have been managed with paper.   Agendas, minutes, records, local news, events, you name it - but that's all changed with the Internet and now the rise of mobile devices and social media.  

Today, it's impossible for local governments to ignore technology.  But since many organizations lack adequate IT representation it's up to City/County Managers to work with different departments to develop and implement a plan under the watchful eye of the public.  

Rutherfordton, North Carolina Town Manager Doug Barrick is in the midst of leading his staff through this transition.  Starting in Rutherfordton as Town Manager just a few years ago, he's successfully executed a systemic approach to improve transparency and citizen engagement while dealing with a tight budget.  

In this webinar, Doug shared how he's used a number of different technologies to make incremental improvements while providing a clear return on the investment every step of the way.  

During this webinar Doug discusses:

  • Why he chose technology over hiring additional staff to improve transparency & citizen engagement
  • How he built a digital town hall that works seamlessly to deliver an improved web presence, while getting his staff focused on more valuable activities
  • His strategic approach and how he prioritized the different parts of this project
  • How he was able to manage this change with minimal IT involvement
  • The costs and results